Managing information is business. Managing the environment the information relies on is a business unto itself. QITX manages your data and servers in one of our datacenters so you don␣t have to, we ensure availability security and integrity, allowing your business the ability to do what it does best.


As you already know, in today’s competitive world, stable, reliable, and fast Internet access for business is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With fiber optic internet we can treat your location, be it anywhere on the island of Montreal as an extension of secure facility. Moreover, you are guaranteed an uninterrupted always open and always dependable connection to the Internet. When so much of your business relies on sending important information electronically, don’t trust your business with anything but the best; fiber optic. At QITX, We make YOU the internet.
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VoIP Telephone System

Our hosted VoIP and hosted PBX systems offer you many benefits over traditional business telephone systems. The main benefit is cost. In today’s competitive business environment, every dollar counts, and by installing a VoIP business phone system, you can save significant money.

QITX can provide your company with a reliable and affordable IP telephone system that meets your needs and your budget. Our VoIP business phone systems will significantly reduce your communication and management costs.
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Internal Cabling

Whether you run a small business that has it’s own internal phone network or are running a large business with an internal computer network that also interfaces with external networks in other areas, proper cabling is very important. Cables are no longer tun in any direction with no method or pattern to help guide the next generation of technicians. Long gone are the days of the spaghetti closet with hundreds of tangles cables running in all directions. At QITX, it’s all about the wires- even the wireless, and we ensure your cabling is of high quality and properly installedContentent de suivre.