Technology is expanding daily and keeping up with these advances can be expensive and time consuming. We provide our clients with products, services and consulting on virtually every aspect of their IT management needs. Our customized products and services create affordable solutions to today’s most challenging IT problems.

Our strategic alliances with software and hardware vendors provide our clients with a true choice of products and competitive pricing for most services. Our service level agreements ensure top performance for all mission-critical services.

Because we work one-on-one with our clients we never try to “sell” a particular brand or solution that does not fit your needs. Our primary goal is to solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

QITX takes pride in its exceptional technical service. We provide a technician “on-site” in order to respond to any problems or requirements needed by the customer. Our expert IT advisors are also available to troubleshoot any issue that may come up. Our data centers in Montreal are manned around the clock, 24/7 and our on-site technicians are trained and experienced in handling virtually any type of problem that may arise.


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